Social Responsibility

Royce Imaging Industries supports various charity groups in the hopes to make a difference to our environment and community and feel that we can achieve this by continuously supporting the following organisations and their objectives:

Royce Imaging, Creating sustainable employment

Royce Imaging, a printer cartridge remanufacturer with a growing staff compliment in excess of 115 people is constantly looking for ways to create sustainable employment. Cartridge Remanufacturing is a labour intensive industry with very little scope for automation. As it is a specialised industry, Royce Imaging employs people with very little or no experience and trains them to build quality remanufactured printer cartridges. Royce Imaging believes in fostering an environment where staff can grow and excel. Besides the direct employment created by cartridge remanufacturing, a secondary industry that collects and sells empty cartridges to cartridge remanufacturing companies has developed that not only prevents massive amounts of cartridges from ending up in landfills but also creates a regular income for a large number of people. The Royce Imaging management team has over the past six months been looking for ways to decrease the company’s reliance on imported aftermarket cartridges in order to create sustainable employment. After an extended period of research and development, a new product line was developed to compete against the influx of cheaper imported printer cartridges that has caused substantial job losses in the industry. Royce Imaging has to date employed and trained an extra five staff members and hopes to grow this even more as the product gains traction in the South African market.