Social Responsibility

Royce Imaging Industries supports various charity groups in the hopes to make a difference to our environment and community and feel that we can achieve this by continuously supporting the following organisations and their objectives:


Compass is a nationally recognized and registered organization through the Government in South Africa. Our team have researched the culture of charity on a global scale and pressure of the global socio-economic climate has forced the lower levels of society outside of our socio-economic structure. The result is that the poor, homeless, unemployed & uneducated live by their own rules & understanding of society, because of the lack of access into our world order and systems. Out of this naivety and desperation to survive, crime, corruption, abuse and lawlessness are born. The ones who suffer the most are the innocent babies that are born into this current world order. We recognize that even the heads of governments find it difficult to raise funds for their own countries. The key solution lies within the charities and Non-Profit Organizations (NGO's) that have access to funding and are actually willing to do the work required and not leave everything up to the government.

COMPASS is the abbreviation for COMMUNITY PROVISION & SOCIAL SERVICES and is registered under both names with ABSA bank, the Government of South Africa, SARS, SEESA, AMAX, the Department of Education and the Department of Labour. We are registered and recognized in terms of the Non-Profit Act of 1977 through the Department of Social Development.

Our registration with SARS is a PBO (Public Beneficiary Organization) under section 18a-income tax act of 1962 for tax exemption. We are BBBEE compliant through our registration with SEESA AND AMAX . All our decisions are committee based, we run an open & accountable set of books through registered auditors & accounting officers.

For ten years our constitution and annual reporting systems have been and are approved by and comply with the standards and laws set out by the institutions and government bodies of South Africa stated above. Due process for our Registration with IRBA (Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors) and SANAS(South African National Accreditation System) is in progress. We provide social services through our own registered social workers and trained, qualified teachers and caregivers for our children within our care to ensure the best level of education and caregiving.

Our rehabilitation program for homeless women and children provide professional counselling programs through registered counsellors and mental health practitioners. Compass is also processed as a national monitor or a child protection organisation.