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When to Replace your Printer Cartridge

Many modern printers one is able to purchase today have special warning messages that appear when you are running low on ink in a particular printer cartridge. These messages usually pop onto your computer screen before or while you instruct your printer to print a document.

Some printers however, do not give you a clear indication when to replace your printer cartridge therefore one should periodically check the level of ink on your printer's cartridges manually. Various printers require an individual printer cartridge for individual colours. This means you will only have to replace each coloured printer cartridge when needed and not the entire printer cartridge at once. This is a great way to save money on your printer cartridges as you will not have to discard and recycle your printer cartridge just because one colour has run out when the other colours in the printer cartridge might still be full of ink.

Manually checking when to replace your printer cartridge can be done through an option supplied by your printer's software which will check each printer cartridge and indicate the levels ink in each printer cartridge as well as indicate which printer cartridge you need to replace.

It is a good idea to check each printer cartridge after you have printed a large amount of coloured documents, especially if the colour documents used a large amount of a specific colour. You also can print a test page on your printer to check the print quality and if the test paper does not come out perfectly, then you should consider replacing your printer cartridge that may be running low on ink.

If you have not used your printer for a long period of time, you should rather replace your printer cartridge before attempting to print a document in order to get the best results.

Remember that after you replace your printer cartridge, you should do your bit for the environment and recycle your old printer cartridge and encourage others to recycle their printer cartridges too.