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Turn your Home Printer into a Small Business

Having a printer in your home can become a great asset to you. If you are looking for ways to supplement your households' income, here are a few great ideas to turn your home printer into a small business.

You may be wondering how on earth you will be able to make money with your printer, especially if you have to replace your colour printer cartridges on a regular basis to keep up with the demand - the answer is simple. You merely need to locate a cartridge printer supplier in South Africa that manufactures refurbished printer cartridges and is active in printer cartridge recycling. These cartridges will cost far less that other replacement cartridges and will help you to save a great deal on new printer cartridges.

Now that you have located a dependable printer cartridge supplier and have your printer cartridges organised, you may be wondering services your small business could offer. There are numerous options available, one being the printing of invitations and cards for children's parties. Most parents do simply not have the rime or the skills to print their own invitations on their home printer, and your service will be valuable to your clients.

Many moms love personalised stationery for their children's birthday parties and you can design specialised invitations to suit the theme and style of the birthday party. You can even include a photo of the child in the artwork. Printing invitations like these may require a great deal of coloured ink, so make sure you have stocked up on enough printer cartridges for these types of projects.

Your small business may not just be limited to printing invitations for children's parties, you could even include the printing of name places for the partygoers or small thank you cards for each child afterwards.