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Tips to Fix Problems with your Printer

At some or other stage, you will probably find a problem with your printer. Printers are not made to last a lifetime without a few glitches here and there and some printer problems can be resolved without contacting your nearest printer service centre. The key is to know how to fix some smaller minor issues you may be experiencing with your printer on your own.

The most common problems with printing a document, is a paper jam. This happens when the paper is forced into the machine in an unnatural manner and usually happens when there are only one or two sheets of paper left in your printer. This is because the paper may have tilted to one side of the paper tray and in turn forces the paper to be fed into the machine at an awkward angle. This stops the printer from being able to move the paper into position below the printer cartridges and to start printing.

The only way to fix a problem of this nature with your printer is to carefully open the machine and take the paper out gently. You should try not to rip or tear the paper when it is stuck in your printer because smaller pieces may become stuck in so deeply that you will not be able to remove them yourself. You may also damage the printer head or even a printer cartridge if you try to force the paper out – if this happens you will then have to take your printer in to a printer service centre and have it looked at.

Another common problem with printers is that after a while they may not print as well as they did when they were new. Streaks over images and strange colours may appear on you printed images which generally only means one thing – you have to replace your printer cartridges or one of the printer cartridges. A good idea is to have a couple of extra cartridges in supply when this happens. This will help to avoid having to go all the way to a printer cartridge supplier during the middle of the day to get more cartridges before you can get that important document printed.