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Save Money in the Holidays with your Printer

During the holidays, with Christmas approaching one is always looking for ways to save money for all those extra items one needs to buy during this period.

There are a number of ways you can save money with your home printer and your cartridge printer supplier in South Africa. Although not many people still send Christmas cards, everyone likes to receive them. Buying Christmas cards can add to your expenses and there is a much easier and fun way to reduce these costs.

With your home printer you can easily create some very attractive Christmas cards. There are many free resources you can find on the internet to use in your card design. Make sure you have enough yellow, cyan, magenta and black printer cartridges for the best results.

If you are concerned that a large amount of printing will put a strain on your printer cartridges when printing in colour here is another tip for personalised cards. Simply get some line drawn images of Christmas trees, angels, snow men and the like and print them out in black and white. You can even use some coloured paper to print them on, just make sure the paper is not too thick and won’t damage your printer. Your children or even you can colour them in and make them look attractive with glitter and stickers for some extra holiday cheer. People you send the printed cards to will certainly love the gesture and will appreciate the time and trouble they took to make.

Printer ink refills in South Africa make it much more affordable to replace or refill your inkjet printer cartridges than purchasing a whole set of new ones when they are empty. You don’t just have to use your printer to make cards – you can even print some Christmas decorations in colour and add them to your tree. Name cards for the Christmas table and present tags can also easily be made at home with your printer, saving you a great deal of cash.