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Royce Imaging - Printer ink solutions in Gauteng and South Africa as a whole

You can never place enough value on affordable, top quality laser cartridges in a place like Gauteng. Johannesburg is arguably the financial heart of the African continent with a multitude of multi-national companies using the city for office space. This means that there are a lot of machines using a lot of printer ink here, as well as in South Africa as a whole. In this piece we will explore why you and your company need to team up with a reputable laser cartridge supplier in Gauteng.

Benefits of laser printers

Laser cartridge printers, unlike their inkjet cousins, don't make use of printer ink when churning out documents. Instead they make use of toner - iron and plastic particles which are melted to the paper you're printing on by heated rollers. These particles once transferred to the paper dry instantly avoiding any nasty smudges on your documents - thus making this route a popular option in South Africa.

They're also a lot cheaper to operate and can print documents at a much higher rate. Ink cartridges are more expensive and need changing more frequently than laser cartridges. This is since the printer ink can diminish rapidly, especially on regular high quality prints. With all of these benefits, many businesses in Gauteng and South Africa are changing to laser cartridge printers.

Royce Imaging's credentials

Here at Royce Imaging we pride ourselves on being one of the best laser cartridge suppliers around. This means your'printer ink' will not only go for longer, but you can enjoy our incredible deals, great pricing structure on the whole and quality products. We remanufacture and supply both laser and inkjet cartridges for just about any printer brand available in South Africa today. With a firm foothold in the market, we strive to not only maintain our great service and top quality products, but to improve as we go.

We also take a number of measures to ensure that our business makes a positive impact on the environement. By properly disposing of all of our waste via a reputable waste management company, we're ensuring that we minimise our business' carbon footprint.

Contact Royce Imaging today to find out how your business can benefit from our services and products, and find out why we are one of the top laser cartridges suppliers in Gauteng. As a business in South Africa printer ink is likely a major part of what you spend on - no matter the industry. Contact Royce Imaging today for a complete printing cartridge solution and choose to partner with an industry leader you can rely on.