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Printing in Colour is Important for Your Company

Are worried about the amount of ink printer cartridges your company goes through on a weekly basis? Are you determined to cut down on the number of cartridges you order from your printer cartridge supplier every month to save money?

There are many ways one can try and save on the number of printer cartridges you use in your office. You could simply request that employees refrain from printing unnecessary documents or you could only purchase printer ink refills or cartridges in black ink and change all the setting on all the computers in your entire office to only print with black ink.

You could then have a handful of printers that can only print in colour which may be easier to monitor for those all important documents that should always be printed in colour. Various studies have shown that people are far more responsive to colour than black and white. Certain documents for your company should therefore always be printed in colour.

Documents that are going to be used for an important presentation will certainly make a far better impression on the reader if they are printed in colour. The chances that the reader will remember important information in a document when aspects of the document are printed in colour is virtually doubled. Printing documents, business cards, compliment slips and so forth in full colour gives your business a professional image. Colours can also be used to create certain moods and create a good lasting impression.

Different types of colours are able to evoke different emotions in people and therefore printing in colour should never be overlooked in order to save a few Rands. The company logo for instance should always appear in colour as it is important to remain consistent and create uniformity when portraying your companies branding. When you purchase your inkjet or laser cartridges from refurbished printer cartridge suppliers you will also save a great deal of money when printing those important documents in colour.