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Printer cartridge supplies that you can rely on

Printers and printer cartridge supplies are among some of the most important pieces of hardware found throughout any office in South Africa. This is true despite how many people around the world are saying that digital documents will soon render physical copies obsolete. These digital formats are important; but they can never truly phase out physical copies of important documents. This month's post will explore why your business should choose to align itself with a reputable company that stocks quality printer supplies.

Cost effectiveness

What most people don't seem to realise is that the printer is by no stretch of the imagination the most expensive part of the printing process. Purchasing printer cartridge supplies can set your business back thousands of Rands every month, depending on how many documents you need printed. If you're going to be doing a lot of printing, then you should be looking to purchase a laser printer. Laser printers make use of toner cartridges which are able to print up to 2000 pages, whereas their inkjet cousins can only manage around one tenth of that number on high quality.

Printer cartridge supplies - getting the most out of your supplier

There are far too many printer suppliers out there that offer poorly manufactured products at outrageously high prices. Make sure you do your research and speak to any potential supplier about both their offering. Any good cartridge supplier will offer most of these products and services:

  • A sound environmental and recycling programme - it should offer free collection of empty cartridges with a promise to recycle.
  • Technical support and knowhow regarding all of their products
  • Comprehensive warranties on all products
  • Staff should be able to advise clients on how to get the most out of products - in terms of both quality and quantity of prints

Get in touch with the sales team here at Royce Imaging Industries and enquire about our magnificent range of products and services. Having been around for over 24 years, Royce Imaging offers clients remanufactured printer cartridge supplies of the absolute highest quality.