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Printer Ink Cartridge Warehouse Tips To Save You Money

Expiry dates on ink can be a nightmare if you don’t print very often and simply buying new ink cartridges each time one expires, is not a viable option. Many printer ink cartridge warehouses won’t tell you this, but you can extend the lifespan of your ink cartridges or at least apply certain best practices to prevent them from drying out before their time. All it takes is a bit of forethought and care. There are three easy steps that you can take if you know your ink cartridges aren’t going to be used for a while and may dry up before you get the full use out of them. This can include times when you go on vacation, in slow economic times of the year, or even when buying printer ink cartridges from a warehouse and you don’t intend to use them just yet.

Zip Lock

These great inventions provide a ‘mini-atmosphere’ while storing things to help keep them from becoming rotten, brittle, or in the case of cartridges - dry. Used correctly, they can become your best friend when it comes to keeping ink cartridges in working order and ready for eventual use. Printer ink cartridge warehouses typically store these in a similar fashion, but in pre-sealed bags.


Find a sponge or small towel that you won’t need to use again and dampen it with some water. Dampening can be done by dipping it into water and then wringing all of the excess water out. The sponge or towel should feel damp, but not dripping. Place the sponge into the zip lock bag with your ink cartridge so as to create an optimum atmosphere for storage.


Now store the zip lock bag, with the sponge and the printer ink cartridge, in a warehouse or similar cool and dry place. This is so that the ‘outside atmosphere’ doesn’t disturb the atmosphere ‘inside’. Storing the bag in a warm or wet environment can cause the ink cartridge to dry up, or the sealed bag to become contaminated. For cartridges that have just been purchased from a printer ink cartridge warehouse, these three steps are enough to ‘prolong’ the life expectancy at least to some extent. However, when you are applying this storage procedure to already opened or used ink cartridges, there is one extra precaution that you need to take before step one. Make sure that the print head is taped to avoid any damage before placing it into the zip lock bag.

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