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Printer Heads in Inkjet Printers

All inkjet printers have a printer head but there are two different types, depending on the printer's make and model. The print head is the component in the printer that distributes the ink from the inkjet printer cartridge to the paper whilst printing. When a printer is in use, the print head heats up and a tiny air bubble is formed. The air bubble then releases the amount of ink as instructed by the computer to print the required document or image.

Printer heads can either be fixed into the printer itself or fixed onto the printer cartridge. Inkjet printers with printer heads fixed into the printer itself are called "fixed-head" printers. The print heads are generally designed to last throughout the life of the printer but some fixed heads can be replaced if need be. This may be rather costly and if it is not installed correctly, you may damage your printer. One should rather contact the manufacturer of your printer or your printer service centre to get the right parts and install the new head for you. The printer cartridges of a fixed head printer are generally more affordable than those of an inkjet printer that have a disposable printer head.

The second type of inkjet printer therefore has a print head that may be replaced often. These printers have what are called "disposable heads". The print heads are actually built into the inkjet cartridge and when the cartridge needs to be refilled or replaced, the print head is also automatically replaced. These printer cartridges are often more expensive than those inkjet cartridges that do not have a printer head attached.

Some printers have a printer head that is not built into the printer itself, nor built into the printer cartridge. These printer heads can easily and cheaply be replaced by the owner of the inkjet printer if they become blocked with ink or cease to function properly.