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Printer Cartridge Suppliers and you Can Make a Difference

Did you know that when you recycle your empty printer cartridge you are not only helping the environment? You are actually creating jobs, giving back to the community and making a difference with the help of your printer cartridge supplier.

Some printer cartridge suppliers actually collect your old printer cartridges in Gauteng what could be easier! That means there is really no excuse for throwing your empty cartridges in the bin and adding to our ever increasing landfills. Printer cartridge suppliers that are actively making a difference in printer cartridge recycling actually pay you for allowing them to remove your old printer cartridges from your premises at no cost to you.

Your organisation can use the money given for your old cartridges by a cartridge and printer supplier in South Africa for new office supplies or you can donate it to a worthy cause and make a difference to uplift your local community.

After the printer cartridge supplier has collected your old cartridges they are transported to their premises and stored in large cartridge warehouses. Here the old printer cartridges are dismantled, cleaned and refurbished. The cartridges are then re-filled, quality tested and sold.

Just think for one minute how many people are needed for this process from start to finish. There are the drivers, the printer ink cartridge warehouse workers, the skilled workers who actually refurbish the old printer cartridges and so forth. By recycling your empty inkjet printer cartridges and your empty toner printer cartridges you have actually helped sustain and create job opportunities in South Africa.

The next time you are replacing the empty printer cartridges in your workplace, take a minute and think before you throw those old inkjet and laser cartridges away you can also make a difference and contribute to a better world.