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Picking the Right Printer Cartridge Supplier in South Africa

Fake ink and toner cartridges are becoming more and more common in the market and are diluting the great reputation that so many respected printer cartridge manufacturers and remanufacturers have strived to create. Although these fake cartridges are abundant, many people may not necessarily realise that they might have come across it; it is thus useful to try and familiarise yourself with unique identification methods such as seals relating to your brand and model. It is also recommended to deal with one established and legitimate cartridge printer supplier in South Africa to ensure the integrity of your purchases.

You should also look out for tell-tale signs as these can be major "red flags"! Be cautious of cartridge printer suppliers in South Africa that are offering substantially lower prices or aren't willing to disclose exactly where the cartridges were acquired from, or how they were manufactured or assimilated. Fake cartridges, like counterfeit money, are produced with the intention to deceive the untrained eye. Only informed individuals will be able to notice the slight differences and unfortunately a large number of consumers are tricked into buying what they believe to be legitimate products from a trustworthy cartridge printer supplier in South Africa.

As a professional cartridge printer supplier in South Africa, Royce Imaging often handles cases where customers' printers have been damaged by the use of fake ink and toner cartridges. So clearly the harm of buying illegitimate cartridges goes well beyond sales losses for the manufacturer, and can lead to damage of your equipment which adversely affects your productivity, and thus the ability to maintain your customer service!

Printing Problems

The printing problems that you may experience when dealing with a dubious cartridge printer supplier in South Africa are vast, and can range from simple disruption, to a complete printing system disaster. The problems include ruined prints, jammed printers and even exploding cartridges, resulting in permanent damage, equipment downtime and lost trading hours.

Identifying Fake Cartridges

Differentiating between a 'real' and a 'fake' cartridge printer supplier in South Africa can be tremendously difficult due to the 'advancing' skills of criminals. Nevertheless, certain factors of unique identification can help you spot fake products relatively easily, saving you from unnecessary expenses and delays. Furthermore always research market related pricing before you shop as fake suppliers will most often try to sell their products at much lower rates in order to move products at a much faster rate. The packaging may also show 'suspicious' signs, such as peeling stickers or language 'abnormalities', including typographic errors.

When dealing with any cartridge printer supplier in South Africa ensure that you are getting exactly what you pay for and don't hesitate to question any inconsistencies you may find. With us at Royce Imaging you can expect high quality remanufactured products in order to ensure the best prices with minimum impact on the environment.