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Partnering with a “green-friendly” cartridge
printer supplier in South Africa

There has been a lot of noise made over the last few years with regards to going green in terms of printing as well as printer consumables. You’ll glad to know that we at Royce Imaging pride ourselves on the environmentally sound approach we adopt when dealing with all of our remanufactured products. In this piece we will explore why it is so important to partner yourself with an environmentally-friendly cartridge printer supplier in South Africa.

Reusing old cartridges

By reusing old cartridges you can significantly reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Producing the plastic that goes into making inkjet and toner cartridges makes use of huge amounts of fossil fuels, or non-renewable fuel resources. By choosing to use remanufactured printer consumables you can rest easy knowing that your business is doing its part for the environment.

Saving you money

Purchasing remanufactured toner and inkjet consumables from your cartridge printer supplier in South Africa, means you stand to save a lot of money. Remanufactured consumables cost less to produce, whilst maintaining a high quality finish in all of your printed documents. The cost effectiveness on top of the high quality results yielded by these products has had business owners continually demanding and enjoying the advantages of these cartridges for years now.

Reducing the amount of ink you use

Green printing consumable suppliers will often encourage their users to take measures against excessive use of ink, and here at Royce Imaging it’s no different. There are a number of ways you can reduce your ink usage. These include expanding margins so as to incorporate more text, reusing old paper or printing on both sides of a page, for non-essential documents of course, and making a conscious effort to recycle all of your old paper.

Linking yourself and your business to an “eco-sensitive” cartridge printer supplier in South Africa gives you greater peace of mind, knowing that you are working with a provider who is prepared to consider the environment first. Here at Royce Imaging we provide products and services specifically tailored toward your business’ unique needs, with due regard for the environment too. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from our extensive range of remanufactured printer consumables.