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Make Your Printer Cartridge Last Longer

If you are spending far too much money on printer cartridges each month, you should consider ways to make your printer cartridge last longer. Firstly, think before you print. It is often easy to simply press print and then regret it later, especially if you have accidentally printed a twenty page document and only wanted one page. Another way to prevent unnecessary waste of your printer cartridge and paper is to always view the print preview before printing a page.

Do you really need everything in colour? Most printers given an option to print in black only that one can simply select before printing a document. When choosing to print black only, your printer will only use the back ink in the printer cartridge and not any of the coloured ink in the other printer cartridges. This will certainly make your printer cartridge last longer as the black printer cartridge is often bigger than the individual colour printer cartridges.

A useful tip to make your printer cartridge last longer is to refrain from printing unwanted images and big bold type. If you simply want to print the text on a page or document, select the text without the images and copy it into a new document before printing.

There are often various print quality settings that come with your colour printer. Some printers offer a "quick print" option, which prints a page quickly and uses a very minimal amount of ink from your printer cartridge. The quality of the print may not be perfect, but if you simply want to read over a document this is certainly the best way to make your printer cartridge last longer. One should only use the high quality print function which will use more ink from your printer cartridge when you really need printing of exceptional quality.