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Kids School Projects and your Printer Cartridges

These days having a printer at home is a necessity that many of us simply cannot live without. You may think that investing in a printer at home is not a good idea - especially if you fear your children will want to print almost everything they find in colour and you will be left replacing the printer cartridges on a weekly basis.

With proper management, your printer at home can actually save you a great deal of money. Kids at school constantly have to do research for projects on the computer and they may need to print photos and information from the internet for a project from time to time. Obviously they will want to print them in colour, but ask them to allow you to have a look at the images and information before they do.

If you simply select and image to print it - chances are it will fill the entire page and use up a great deal of colour ink from your printer cartridges, and yes - you will have to replace the cartridges very often if you are printing full page colour images on a regular basis.

A good idea is to copy and paste all the images they have researched onto a word processing program and not to print them individually. As you import the images into a new document, you can also resize them. This will allow you to fit more images onto one page - saving you paper and lessening the ink consumption of your printer cartridges.

Your child can simply cut the printed images out and paste them onto a piece of cardboard or into a binder for their project. If you want to save even more on your printer cartridges - only allow them to print in black and white, but provide them with coloured paper on which to print if they prefer to make a more attractive presentation.