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Get the Right Printer Cartridge, for Less

This is the 21st century and typewriters are a thing of the past. Nowadays letters and documents are produced by way of typing it on a computer and then simply printing it on a printer using a printer cartridge which contains the ink. The latter resource is a consumable, with a finite predictable lifespan before the ink dries up and the cartridge has to be replaced with a new one. Individuals and companies, who print significant amounts will find their cartridge spend to be considerable and they may go through several cartridges in a month.

Royce Imaging Industries is a commercial supplier of cartridges for virtually all major printer brands in SA. Our pricing allows retail dealers, distributors and end clients to benefit greatly. On average it’s possible to save as much as 40% off the industry norm pricing. Furthermore, this whopping saving applies to both inkjet and laser printers, giving you greater value for all your printing equipment.

As with everything else man discards, an empty printer cartridge also ends up in a landfill. Royce Imaging Industries, however, has decided to do something about it. We are based in Johannesburg and offer a free collection service of empty inkjet or toner cartridges in the area. This demonstrates our attitude towards lowering the carbon footprint, as we strongly endorse eco-friendly business practices. As far as social responsibility is concerned, we also support “Reach for a Dream” and the “Animal Anti-Cruelty League.” Consequently we have attracted a loyal customer base and gained a noteworthy reputation in the industry.

When you purchase a new printer cartridge from Royce, you are also buying reliability and top notch quality. Our intensive quality control systems, during the re-manufacturing of cartridges, see to that. Furthermore, the STMC or Standard Testing Methods Committee, criteria is implemented and the benchmark we aim for is based on OEM or original equipment manufacturer standards. Price is always a concern for the individual and company alike, and if you can acquire a new cartridge at a fraction of the cost of a new one, well, why not?

Royce Imaging Industries goes a long way in providing the customer with the printer cartridge of their choice. We re-manufacture the majority of brands used by South Africans. Since establishment in 1989 we have grown from a family business to one that has been taken over by Reunert, a JSE listed company. Currently we have more than 100 employees working in a factory of 2,000 m2. Contact us today for professional service, undisputed quality and efficiency.