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Cost and Eco-Friendly Printer Cartridge Suppliers

Royce Imaging Industries seeks to provide quality products and associated services coupled with affordable pricing and convenience. This includes remanufacturing of cartridges for all major printer brands available in South Africa. As leading printer cartridge suppliers, clients and their businesses stand to gain from better prices, yet with similar quality to the original cartridges. Royce’s cartridge printer supplies still include stocking of originals too, giving you the option of both under one roof. We stock and remanufacture laser and ink jet cartridges, and are ideally located in Randburg, within reach of major market players and industry stakeholders. We are accessible to all our clients, with an efficient logistics system in place.

In a throw-a-way society it would follow that empty cartridges are thrown away as well. Not so with printer cartridge suppliers such as Royce Imaging Industries. We make a point to recycle where we can. To this end, we will collect empty cartridges from you free of charge if you reside in the Gauteng area. What is more, we will pay you for any empty virgin products that you may have. Please keep in mind that we will only buy ink jet cartridges from you on the condition that it comes with the original tape, foil and box. With regards to the laser ones, the original black bag or cartridge box is required. The original or virgin inkjet and laser cartridges will be inspected and tested before acceptance. However, Royce’s remanufactured cartridges are not to be confused with simple, sub-par, recycled cartridges. Only certain parts are recycled, while the main components are replaced and the end products are scientifically tested for efficiency before being sold.

As environmentally-conscious printer cartridge suppliers we are concerned about sensitive eco matters. “Landfill” related issues are challenges of our time; companies and individuals alike should keep that in mind before they throw items away. Recycling is the order of the day. Because fossil fuel is burnt in the process of manufacturing cartridges, we are determined that fewer empties land in dump sites. So, the more cartridge printer supplies are recycled, the better, not to mention the potential use of some of these containers in the production of quality remanufactured cartridges.

Cartridge printer supplies are essential for most businesses today, and by buying remanufactured goods expenses can be streamlined. Perhaps businesses that reach a cash flush status sooner can move to originals, but at least there is a choice and quality is not compromised. Printer cartridge suppliers, Royce Imaging Industries, is committed to improving the environment by supporting the responsible handling of used cartridges

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