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Benefits of using Printer Toner Refills

With business expenses constantly on the increase many companies are turning to printer toner refills in order to save on consumable expenditure. This cost-saving strategy is an attractive option as remanufactured cartridges are environmentally friendly, reduce metal and plastic in landfill sites and reduce the depletion of natural resources. Making use of quality printer toner refills from respected suppliers can in fact save you up to 50% of what you would normally pay for original cartridges. This piece will take a closer look at some of the benefits reaped by businesses that choose to use printer toner refills.

Environmental benefits

The environmental benefits of recycling or reusing your toner cartridges through professionally assimilated compatible cartridges are quite considerable. Recent studies suggest that for every 100 000 cartridges that we recycle we can realistically save 9000 kilograms of aluminium, around 40 tonnes of plastic and a massive 1, 000 000 litres of crude oil! With more and more corporates becoming “eco-conscious” as well as small to medium enterprises looking to do their bit for the environment, many are turning to the recycling or reusing of toner cartridges. These are based on approved standards, where products are tested and come with reliable warranties.

Lower costs in terms of printer operation

Making use of printer toner refills can save you and your business a lot of money, especially if you find yourself having to print a mountain of documents. As mentioned, if you choose to not purchase OEM products and opt for remanufactured products, you can potentially save up to 50% on your purchase and still enjoy a quality product, that’s eco-friendly.

Printer toner refills generally maintain high quality printing standards

Making use of high quality printer toner refills will usually assure you of high quality printing. Printer toner refills also have no adverse effects on the printer’s mechanical parts, meaning you won’t risk jeopardising an expensive printer by opting to make use of toner refills. Furthermore your printer warranty will not be voided if you install remanufactured cartridges and you can confirm this when purchasing your printer. It should, however, be worth noting that you should always ensure you purchase a quality printer toner refill kit from established suppliers, as cheaper kits may threaten the quality of your prints.

If used correctly, printer toner refills can provide you with substantial savings. On top of being environmentally friendly, they save you time and money whilst maintaining exceptional print quality. For more information or to order from our wide range of cartridges contact Royce Imaging today!