Users of Royce Imaging remanufactured cartridges not only save money, but also help protect the environment. Every time a Royce Imaging cartridge is remanufactured, the carbon footprint per cartridge is reduced by approximately 2.5kg of CO2 emission and 3 litres of crude oil.
The dumping of waste is of great environmental concern and overtaxed landfill space is abating. The manufacturing process involved in producing a new cartridge requires the burning of fossil fuel, specifically oil or natural gas. It takes on average, three quarts of burned oil to create just the cartridge shell, with more than 70 million cartridges produced annually and approximately 75% of empties end up on landfill sites. The effect on the ecology is devastating. We all know the consequences of oil spills on our South African coastline, with recycling we can make the difference. At Royce Imaging Industries we are committed to this cause. Insist on a cartridge remanufactured by Royce Imaging and do your part to save the planet one cartridge at a time..