10 December 2014

I am sure that many of you have turned on your inkjet printers in January only to find that while you have been having fun during December, your printer has been cooking up some nasty surprises for you.

Please these tips to try avoid any nasty surprises:

Ensure your printer is not situated in front of a closed window where direct sun light will build up the temperature inside the printer resulting n nozzles drying out over time.

If you are going to turn your printer off, please use the POWER BUTTON and wait for the POWER LIGHT to go off, then you can pull the plug from the power socket. Doing this allows the cartridge to enter Park Mode in the SERVICE STATION where there is a cap to close the nozzle plate.

Many manufacturers recommend that the printer is not unplugged, but allowed to be in park mode, which allows auto- servicing to occur keeping the nozzles clean.

If after returning from holiday you find that the quality of prints is not what it was before, it will require “Nozzle head cleaning” via the printer tool box, maintenance menu.

If your printer uses ink tank cartridges where the print head is separate from the cartridge DO NOT remove the cartridges as this will cause damage to the print head, resulting in you having to replace them.

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